I got up this morning and I thought, “There have been a few instances where a patient will ask me that question, so I thought I’d address it today in this handout.”

Here’s an example: Ever notice when you stub your little toe, a little tear can form in your eye? Your whole body, from top to bottom is connected. Your brain runs the show, and it does the transfer of power and energy through your nervous system which is HOUSED in your spinal column. So how aware are you of what’s going on inside?

In terms of the nervous system, you are aware of less than 3% of what’s going on in your body. 3%? Wow, that’s not much, but it’s probably all that YOU can handle. Here’s why!

That means that what you can feel a tickle, touch, hot & cold, numbness, tingling, stabbing pain, etc. and that is less than 3% of everything that is happening in your body.  Not a very big percentage when I say it like that – – is it?

Unfortunately, most people… rely on that 3% (symptoms) to tell them if they are healthy or not. Yes, they rely on that 3% to make bad decisions when it comes to getting regular adjustments. I hope you’re not doing that because it won’t work if you want to be healthy.

Got a question for you. Can you feel your liver processing fat molecules? When you eat a donut, (which I strongly recommend you don’t do) do you know how much insulin to secrete to store the sugar in your body?

When was the last time you thought about converting and exchanging a couple of oxygen molecules for some carbon dioxide molecules? Do you now see what I’m talking about when I say you only have 3% knowledge when it comes to what’s really going on inside your body? Well the list goes on and on!

FACT: There are millions of processes occurring in YOUR body every second. If these processes are not working correctly, over time, disease will manifest itself. If you do like most Americans, you might wait for a disease to manifest and then go to a doctor to try and deal with it at that point.

It is invariably much more costly and difficult to do it that way, but that’s what most people do with their health. The other and best option is to assure that your life energy is communicating with all the parts of the body, thus continuing to constantly create your body day by day… in a healthy manner. It is up to you to choose how you take care of yourself. You decide if you’re going to get adjusted regularly.

Just make sure you remember this. Relying on your pain to tell you when there is a problem is NOT a healthy way to live. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis have usually been manifesting as poor physiology in a person’s body for 10 to 25 years before their symptoms become apparent as a physical disease.

Most people know they have heart disease when they have a stroke, or suffer from a heart attack. Kind of late don’t you think? This is NOT the ideal time to identify lifestyle choices which could benefit your physiology. If this does occur, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all hope is lost, although it becomes much riskier, more invasive and more complex to get people to nurse themselves back to a state of real health!

Your health is all about proper function; 100% communication between YOUR brain and the rest of YOUR body; 100% physical, mental and emotional well-being. Health is not merely “feeling good”! It’s your choice. You decide. I’m just here to help you when I can.

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